What’s waking me up? My phone alarm.
A nice application was monitoring my sleep quality.
What time is it?- I check on my phone.
I brush my teeth- with an application.
I don’t know what to eat for breakfast- I’ll ask my recipe application.
An alert from my phone- time to drink some water!
Let’s check the train schedule- on the phone.
What’s in the calendar for today? - let’s check the phone.
How many likes today?- Hey, let’s open my Instagram.
Oh no, not as many as I hoped… It won’t be a good day…
Let’s watch something while getting ready- hey, let’s open my favourite series.
Walking to the station- let’s listen to some tunes- on my phone.
Time to show my ticket- the ticket is on my phone.

An app will tie my shoe laces for me.
An app will flush my toilet for me.
An app will park my car for me.
An app will tell me if it’s dark outside or not.
An app will choose my next date for me.

I am sleeping with my phone.
I am eating with my phone.
I am paying with my phone.
I am living with my phone.
I am my phone. Or rather my phone is me.
My phone is thinking for me.
Creating memories fore me.
Remembering for me.
Counting for me.
Living for me.

If you were ever afraid of the zombie apocalypse- we have bad news.
It’s happening right now and the apps are devouring our brains.

Are you sick of it too? Are you terrified seeing little toddlers already glued to a smartphone?
Do you want to enjoy life here and now, through the pink glasses and not blue screens?
Do you want to keep our beautiful ability to think independently and not be a slave of mindless technology?
We want to get some attention and raise awareness of this clear problem.
If you feel the same way, join us.

Together, let’s swipe back to reality!

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