Who are we?

We want to welcome you in our world of wild habits!

We are a married couple in our thirties who wants to make a change. Our journey started in Poznan, Poland, but we found our place on Earth in Denmark, in Copenhagen. The idea to create a clothing brand appeared a long time ago, but we wanted to make sure that every detail is perfect, and so we didn’t rush. We spent many months working on this project, brainstorming, researching and simply having fun together.

Why a clothing brand?

Sewing has always been present in both of our lives- our grandmothers taught us both how to sew. Grandma Wanda has always been passionate about sewing. Her whole life revolved around clothing making, from school to a career in an esteem sewing company. Grandma Jadwiga taught Michalina how to sew, knit and embroider, and this hobby stayed with her until today. We have it in our blood:)

What is the brand about?

This brand is very personal. We want to speak out through these collections, to make an impact, to provoke independent thinking.

The first collection is inspired by the 90s. It’s the time of our childhood, but also the last years of imagination fun, not smartphone fun.

We want to remember and cherish these times when all we needed to have fun was OUTSIDE and FRIENDS. Now, we FaceTime and not spend time face-to-face. The older we get the more we appreciate these old times, we cherish the time spent together WITHOUT smartphones, we value quality over quantity and real human relationships instead of likes and follow 4 follow.

Join us in our small mission!


What and where?

We connected both our worlds- our current home- Denmark and our former home and also a place where we met- Poland. We design and manage from Copenhagen, and we have our clothes made from scratch in our hometown- in Poznan. This way the whole process is really close to our hearts:) We made our best efforts to combine a real concept and high quality so that you can feel it in every stitch.

Why Poland?

Not only because of the sentimental value:) Poland is known for the textile industry and high quality clothing making. After the war the textile and shoe industries were developing very fast and until today there are many amazing sewing places, manufactures and production factories. We are sewing our clothes in our hometown, Poznan.

Let’s stay wild together!

Michalina & Damian

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